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Robert Barnes   Alex Hirsch   Frank Lobdell   Robert Schultz
Susan Barron   Ian Howard   Robert Lostutter   David Sharpe
Leonard Baskin   Richard Hunt   Martyl   Hollis Sigler
Vera Berdich   Michiko Itatani   James McGarrell   Nicholas Sistler
Phyllis Bramson   Vera Klement   James Mesplé   Nancy Spero
Anne Fishbein   Jim Koss   Robert Middaugh   Eleanor Spiess-Ferris
Tony Fitzpatrick   Linda Kramer   Audrey Niffenegger   Bruce Thayer
Norbert Freese   Ellen Lanyon   Gladys Nilsson   Shane Weare
Roland Ginzel   June Leaf   Ed Paschke   Charles Wells
Richard Haas   Daniel Leary   Philip Pearlstein   Frances Whitehead
Carole Harmel   Riva Lehrer   Seymour Rosofsky   Holly Wilson
Nicholas Hill   Arthur Lerner   Christopher Schneberger   Karl Wirsum

Printworks Gallery is pleased to present this collection of works by gallery artists, each of which are
affordably priced for $300 or under. These are superb works for new and seasoned collectors alike.

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